XK3190-A12+E LED Display English panel Weight Indicator no battery load meter controller XK3190-A12E Xk3190 A12+E

Product Description


weighing indicator 

basic function:

High precision A/D conversion, the readability of 1/30000;

The code calls convenient display, observation and analysis of weight tolerance instead of feeling;

Special software technology, enhance the system's ability to resist vibration;

Zero tracking range, zero (boot / manual range, respectively);

Digital filtering speed, amplitude and the stability of the time can be set;

With the weighing counting function; (a power-off protection unit weight)

A variety of optional backlight mode;

Random charging; undervoltage indication and protection device;

Random allocation of 6V/4AH maintenance free battery

Optional RS-232 communication port, baud rate selectable, optional communication mode;

Large screen 20mA matching the current loop communication port;


Non standard varieties recommended restructuring:

Reorganized with kg/lb conversion function; (foreign trade for the product)

With automatic calculation of average value of reorganized function; (applicable to animal husbandry scale)

Reorganized with 2 custom output function; (suitable for low speed weighing test)


technical parameter:

A/D conversion mode: sigma delta conversion

A/D conversion rate: 20 times / sec

Item specifics
  • Brand Name:MILONT
  • Sensor Type:Piezoelectric
  • Hysteresis:check the specifications
  • Style:Varistor Type
  • Linear:check the specifications
  • Resolution:check the specifications
  • Repeatability:check the specifications
  • Type:Transmission Pressure Sensor
  • Signal Type:Voltage Signal
  • Measuring Range:check the specifications
  • Sensitivity:check the specifications

The maximum A/D conversion number: 20bit

Input signal range: 10mV ~ 15mV

Input sensitivity: more than 1 V/e

The sensor bridge power supply C5V; I = 150mA

Connect the sensor number: 4 350 sensors can be connected.