RU-SUNLU SL-300 Children doodle toy 3D pen optional with 22 bags of 5M PLA filament and LCD control temp. safe for children use

Product Description
Item specifics
  • Brand Name:SUNLU
  • Model Number:SL300
  • Adapter Type:EU
  • Colors:Black/Blue/White/Green
  • Work size:Not limited
  • Printing Speed:Free adjustable
  • Material size:1.75mm
  • Applicable material:PLA ABS
  • Printing temperature:ABS 180-210℃,PLA160-170℃
  • Voltage:12V 2A 24W,100/250V 2A
  • Warranty:1 years
  • Accessories:3D pen*1, adapter*1,manual*1, 5m filament*2,