Micro weight sensor .small size .button type miniature force weighing sensor load cell 300kg 500kg 1T 2T 3T 5T

Product Description

Micro load weighing sensor has a variety of optional range :


Range 0-5kg              Range 0-800kg              Range 0-700kg


Range 0-150kg           Range 0-20kg             Range 0-50kg        


Range 0-100kg            Range 0-200kg           Range 0-300kg    


Range 0-500kg              Range 0-30kg            Range 0-10kg             



Range 0-2KG        Range 0-3KG          Range 0-75KG      


 Range 0-80KG



The Sensor output is MV signal,can match with weight transmitter to output analog signals. :4-20M. A 0-5V. 0-10V etc,If you need the weigh transmitter, please contact the seller .Weight transmitter is also called Signal amplifier,Supporting more convenient signal acquisition,Power supply is more convenient,Weighing transmitter has single and multi ways,Single weighing sensor use single way transmitter ,Multiplex transmitter has Two-in-one,Three in one,Four in one etc, If you need to purchase the transmitter pls contact  the seller .