Free shipping MD62 Detection CF4 measurement of 100%vol high concentration four carbon fluoride sensor MD62

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MD62 type air-sensing element is made according to the principle that the total thermal conductivity of the mixed gas is changed with the gas content of the gas to be analyzed, and the two arms of the bridge are formed by the detection element and the compensation element. When the flammable gas is detected, (The air background), the bridge output voltage variable, the voltage variable increases with the gas concentration is proportional to increase, the compensation component from the reference and temperature compensation role in the case of non-combustible gas.


Sensor characteristics


Wide detection range (0-100% VOL)

The bridge output voltage is linear

quick response

With good reproducibility

Components are stable and reliable

There is no catalyst poisoning

Can be anaerobic, hypoxia detection


main application


Civil, industrial field of carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, freon and other non-combustible gas detection


Technical indicators


Measuring range

0 ~ 100% vol

Operating Voltage(V)


Working current(MA)

@ 100





> 12


> 8

10% CO2

> 5


0 to 5

Response time(90%)

Less than10second

Recovery Time(90%)

Less than30second

Use the environment

-20-+60°Below95% RH

Storage environment

-30-+80° Below95% RH